picoCTF 2021: General Skills

Mar 29, 2021 18:46 Β· 358 words Β· 2 minute read

Obedient Cat πŸ”—

This file has a flag in plain sight (aka “in-the-clear”)


$ curl https://mercury.picoctf.net/static/0e428b2db9788d31189329bed089ce98/flag

Flag: picoCTF{s4n1ty_v3r1f13d_2fd6ed29}

Python Wrangling πŸ”—

Python scripts are invoked kind of like programs in the Terminal… Can you run this Python script using this password to get the flag?


Provided python script does encryption/decryption using the Fernet module.

To decrypt flag.txt.en, simply run:

$ python3 ende.py -d flag.txt.en $(cat pw.txt)

Flag: picoCTF{4p0110_1n_7h3_h0us3_ac9bd0ff}

Wave a flag πŸ”—

Can you invoke help flags for a tool or binary? This program has extraordinarily helpful information…


Flag can be retrieved by entering the -h parameter. Or alternatively, using strings.

$ ./warm -h

Flag: picoCTF{b1scu1ts_4nd_gr4vy_f0668f62}

Nice netcat πŸ”—

There is a nice program that you can talk to by using this command in a shell: $ nc mercury.picoctf.net 21135, but it doesn’t speak English…


After connecting to the server with netcat and pressing enter, we receive a bunch of numbers to the stdout. These are decimal representations of ascii characters. Converting it from decimal to string gives us the final flag.

for n in $(echo | nc mercury.picoctf.net 21135); do
    printf "\\$(printf %03o "$n")";

Flag: picoCTF{g00d_k1tty!_n1c3_k1tty!_afd5fda4}

Static ain’t always noise πŸ”—

Can you look at the data in this binary: static? This BASH script might help!


The flag is hidden inside the static binary. The provided bash script will extract all readable strings from the binary.

$ ./ltdis.sh static
$ cat static.ltdis.strings.txt | grep pico

Flag: picoCTF{d15a5m_t34s3r_6f8c8200}

Tab, Tab, Attack πŸ”—

Using tabcomplete in the Terminal will add years to your life, esp. when dealing with long rambling directory structures and filenames: Addadshashanammu.zip


Tabbing my way through subdirectories and launching the executable

$ ./Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/Ularradallaku/fang-of-haynekhtnamet

Flag: picoCTF{l3v3l_up!_t4k3_4_r35t!_2bcfb2ab}

Magikarp Ground Mission πŸ”—

Do you know how to move between directories and read files in the shell? Start the container, ssh to it, and then ls once connected to begin. Login via ssh as ctf-player with the password, a13b7f9d


Parts of the flag are scattered around in different locations inside the container. We can put together all the pieces by simply catting all the files, or using the paste command.

$ paste -d '' 1of3.flag.txt /2of3.flag.txt ~/3of3.flag.txt

Flag: picoCTF{xxsh_0ut_0f_\/\/4t3r_71be5264}

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